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Review of bike share calls for State Government action as use increases

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April 03, 2018

Mayors from six Inner Sydney councils are calling for immediate action from the NSW Government, with Councils eager to work with them to update legislation that is rapidly being outstripped by the emerging bike share industry.


The six councils – Inner West, Woollahra, Waverley, City of Sydney, Randwick City and City of Canada Bay – met on Monday and agreed that while privately operated bike share is popular in Sydney, councils should work together to propose new state government legislation or regulation that can make commercial bike share succeed without local communities bearing the costs.


In the meantime, Councils have agreed to look at all options available for regulation within the inadequate existing legislation.


Share bikes have proven a popular transport choice in inner Sydney with more than 6,600 trips a day in January and February this year.


The numbers were provided to councils as part of a review of bike share operations following the introduction of the Inner Sydney Bike Share Guidelines three months ago.


The three month review of the joint Council guidelines was based on feedback from the community, regular discussions with bike share companies and council staff observations.


The review and a joint recommendation will be presented to Councils for adoption within weeks.

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