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Free and easy way to keep e-waste out of landfill

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March 08, 2018


Obsolete mobile phones, outdated devices and broken appliances cluttering up homes can be brought free of charge to Sydney Park for the first E-Waste collection day of 2018.

Almost 90 tons of e-waste was recovered across the four e-waste collection days in 2017 – a figure Lord Mayor Clover Moore expects will ramp up considerably once the City of Sydney introduces free weekly kerbside e-waste collection.

“Our commitment to zero waste will intensify over the next few years as we introduce more waste collection streams, but until then, our e-waste collection days are the best way to dispose of old electronic devices,” the Lord Mayor said.

“It’s time to round up those old Nokia 3310s, televisions, computers, gaming consoles and kitchen appliances that are no longer being used.

“The electronic waste we collect is sent to a facility where 95 per cent of the raw materials are recycled and used in new products.

“Most electronic devices contain precious metals such as copper, silver and gold. By extracting them, we’re reducing the need to mine more finite natural resources.

“By recycling electronic waste properly, we’re reducing the amount of harmful chemicals including lead, mercury and arsenic ending up in landfill.”

E-waste drop off

When: 9am-3pm, Saturday 17 March, 2018

Where: Sydney Park Depot, 54 Barwon Park Road, St Peters

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