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Location : ERSKINEVILLE-NSW-2043 (NSW - Sydney)

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Announcing the magic pill to make you look and feel better and ward off health diseases!



Did you know there is a magic pill available to make you feel better, look better, have more energy, live longer, reduce your risk of developing diseases like cancer and diabetes, as well as ensure that obesity will be kept at bay?


And although this magic pill might be challenging or difficult to swallow in the beginning, it is guaranteed to become easier to take over time - even to the point where you can't wait to take it each day.


So, are you interested in taking it?


Believe it or not, but this magic pill does exist! Only, it's more commonly referred to as 'exercise!'


Now don't panic or stop reading! The 'E' word needn't drum up visions of fluorescent lycra or oversized bodybuilders in your mind. In fact, these days exercise can be everything you enjoy and nothing you don't!


The bottom line is that physical activity (a.k.a., that magic pill!) can provide you with all the health and lifestyle benefits listed above and loads more! And while it can be daunting to start integrating exercise into your life, we can wholeheartedly promise you that over time, it can become a habit you absolutely love; like a regular Friday night drink or a Sunday afternoon BBQ!


At BURN IT OFF we have so many different exercise classes to help you achieve greater health and a more fulfilling life, that you're doing yourself a disservice by not investigating this further. We also have an online nutrition program that uses only the latest, scientifically proven research to give you the quickest, safest and healthiest way of reaching and maintaining your ideal weight


PLUS, BURN IT OFF only employs people who are committed to helping you feel better, look better and live a longer and healthier life. Each and every staff member is as concerned for your wellbeing as you are, so you can imagine the enjoyment you will receive from being surrounded by people who genuinely care about you.


Exercise is the magic pill that our community has been searching for! But before you switch off and think you've heard it all before, or that exercise isn't for you, why not swing by or drop us a line and be pleasantly surprised by what we have to offer you.


At BURN IT OFF we know all too well that if you don't enjoy it, you won't do it. So forget the fads and come and find out about something that will make you feel great and look sensational!


To find out more simply visit:

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