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Pro Grade Kettlebells For Sale

Posted : 30+ days old

Location : ERSKINEVILLE-NSW-2043 (NSW - Sydney)

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Pro Grade Kettlebells are here and affordable


I have brand new brilliant quality Pro Grade Kettlebells for sale at wholesale prices. Pro Grade Kettlebells are the choice of Kettlebell used by Girevoy Sport competitors. For those that do not know the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) have been running competitions through out Europe for over 50 years. I am 1 of 17 Girevoy Sport Level 2 National Kettlebell Instructors in the country and solely sell Kettlebells. I can instruct beginners to advance as well as sports teams. Kettlebells are great for weight loss, strength, strength endurance and just plain fun.


About the Pro Grade Kettlebell


Pro Grade Kettlebells are the same dimensions throughout all sizes. This means that the 8kg (pink) is the same size as the 12kg (orange), 16kg (yellow), 20kg,(blue), 24kg (green), 28kg (purple), 32kg (red), 36kg (navy blue),40kg (grey) and 48kg (black).


Why use a Pro Grade Kettlebell ?


Great question!

The Pro Grade Kettlebells allow you to become familiar with the size and dimensions of the Kettlebell no matter what size/weight you are lifting. What this does is it allows you to move up in weight without any changes in technique or lifting mechanics. This is important because once you learn a motor pattern it becomes second nature, then all you have to do is get used to the weight.


Reasons to use a Pro Grade Kettlebell


* Same dimensions on all sizes from 8kg to 48kg

* Kettlebell of choice for all Girevoy Sport Competitors

* Allows you to progress without technical changes

* Indestructible

* They are not powder coated, powder coated Kettlebells chip at the handle and eventually cause blisters on hands.

* Has a polished steel handle for smooth lifting on hands.

* Rust proofed.

* You are buying from a seller that lifts and knows about there product.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

These are Wholesale prices that are always available to Industry Professionals, Gyms, Studios and bulk orders to general public.


Price List


  8KG RRP $80.00     Sell for $55.00 

12KG RRP $90.00     Sell for $65.00 

16KG RRP $100.00   Sell for $75.00 

20KG RRP $110.00   Sell for $85.00 

24KG RRP $120.00   Sell for $95.00 

28KG RRP $130.00   Sell for $105.00 

32KG RRP $140.00   Sell for $115.00 

36KG RRP $150.00   Sell for $125.00 

40KG RRP $170.00   Sell for $135.00

44KG RRP $180.00   Sell for $145.00

48KG RRP $270.00   Sell for $210.00


All transactions are face to face only. I have free delivery and I will deliver them personally. Only for local and bulk orders.


Thanks for reading




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